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Parsley Bay

Tucked behind the winding streets of Vaucluse lies a picturesque inlet amidst rugged bush – Parsley Bay. A small and quiet haven for those lucky enough to know of its existence, Parsley Bay is a little piece of the harbour, isolated for residents and visitors.

Parsley Bay is one of Sydney’s hidden wonders, popular with swimmers, and home to a few fortunate residents. Just a handful of properties have direct access to idyllic Parsley Beach, making it one of the most secluded and exclusive sanctuaries in Sydney.

Parsley Bay residences come with a wealth of beautiful walking routes, taking in the sweeping views of the bay and the harbour. Design your own slice of paradise with Stafford Architecture Interior Design and Architects Parsley Bay.

Bespoke Architects Parsley Bay

Unique, luxury-living experiences with international appeal in the heart of Parsley Bay.

Our Parsley Bay architectecture and interior design projects are led by Bruce Stafford and backed by more than four-decades of industry expertise. The Stafford Architecture studio has garnered a reputation for delivering a unique approach to luxury-living experiences in the residential and hotel spaces. Beyond the details of fine finishing and unmatched design execution, we strive to create living spaces in Parsley Bay that are defined by a change in lifestyle, where nature takes centre stage as an indispensable measure of the Parsley Bay living experience.

From five-star resort living builds for international clients, to residential architecture projects in Parsley Bay, the Stafford Architecture team is equipped to handle a multitude of architecture and design projects. Our design philosophy is defined by an innate understanding of the natural environment. Each Parsley Bay interior design and architecture project plays to the strengths of the natural environment, while maintaining a distinctive, international approach.

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We don’t measure achievement on the still images that our works produce, we balance pragmatism and programmatic achievement to execute bespoke living plans that embrace the unique challenges of location and nature.

A Unique Approach to Parsley Bay Architecture

Always innovating, never settled - it’s in our DNA.

We are a creative, tech-forward group of expert Parsley Bay architects and designers working in an agile, close-knit team. Each project that we undertake is inimitably personal, and inherently unique. We collaborate closely with our Parsley Bay clients to create iconic, memorable living spaces that utilise site and context for maximal effect.

Presenting a collection of the most-exciting interior designers and architects Parsley Bay has to offer, we are fuelled by the belief that design has the ability to transform the daily experience. Innovation and inspiration need not be mutually exclusive when designing personalised living experiences in Parsley Bay. Getting the most out of each space means taking a nuanced approach that combines modernism, efficiency, and a relentless pursuit to be better than we were yesterday.

Each Parsley Bay interior design and architecture project that we undertake is a true labour of love. Defined by our passion, and shaped by sacrifice, our Parsley Bay architecture team is fuelled by an inherent desire to create immersive living experiences that enrich and inspire.

Working with our Parsley Bay architecture clients is characterised by a deeply personal, collaborative process. Despite years of experience, and a diverse catalogue that showcases our breadth of experience and successes, we believe that we are only as good as our last job. To us, no project is complete – until it’s perfect.


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